Spanish tax authorities have appealed to local organizations involved in the digital currency industry.  They have contacted 16 banks, around a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges and companies operating cryptocurrency ATMs and more than 40 businesses that accept online cryptocurrency payments.

These financial institutions were asked to provide detailed information on property accounts, the frequency of transactions, amounts and payment cards identification associated with crypto-related accounts. Mediators like crypto-exchanges were asked to identify crypto-traders and the number of transactions, including details on how exchange rates and commissions are determined. Crypto ATMs were asked to provide rental contracts, the average monthly sales of crypto, and what forms of payment were used for cryptography operations.

Such a measure was taken in connection with the proceedings of the National Anti-Fraud Office (ONIF) in banking accounts opened abroad.

Previously, the Spanish authorities demanded personal user data from some Internet companies, including Airbnb Inc. They wanted to prevent illegal activities related to tax evasion.