The Iranian authorities are set to close access to the Telegram messenger, fearing that the new token will pose a threat to their national currency.

Telegram is very popular in Iran. Earlier, the messenger was already being criticised by the country’s leadership, which believes that it played an important role in organising protests in December 2017.

Hassan Firouzabadi, secretary of the country’s High Council for Cyberspace said that ” Telegram officially announced that it will be used as an economic platform. Telegram has a negative impact on Iran’s national currency. ” and added that it is “an enemy to the private sector.” That the decision to block Telegram “was taken at the highest level”.

“Telegram will be replaced by our application,” announced parliament member Alaeddin Boroujerdi on March,31.

“The goal of creating and enhancing Iranian software and messaging apps should not be blocking access to other apps, but should be the elimination of monopolies.”,” Iranian President Hasan Ruhani commented on the situation.”No one objects to the elimination of Telegram’s monopoly, but the blocking of Telegram is not a solution for creating an internal messenger,” he added.

Telegram has already raised$1.7 billion and conducted the most successful ICO in history