PKO Bank Polski, one of the largest Polish banks has tested and now is going to implement the blockchain technology for storing information about customer transactions and concluded contracts. After a year of testing, the bank signed an agreement to continue collaboration on the project using the technological solution Trudatum from the company Coinfirm.

“Last year we started tests of the Trudatum platform developed by Coinfirm. As tests in the banking environment were highly satisfying, we decided to cooperate more closely. We believe that together we will be able to carry out a pioneering operation of implementing Blockchain technology into the Polish banking sector,” said  PKO Bank Vice President Adam Marciniak

PKO Bank Polski hopes to ensure the full confidentiality and integrity of the documentation with the help of the new technology since it is already impossible to make changes to the data registered in the system. In addition, the bank’s clients will be able to verify information from business partners remotely.

The system will provide customers with a secure means to access documents containing information regarding regulations, transactions, fees, and commissions.

Coinfirm co-founder Pavel Kuskovsky (Pawel Kuskowski) says that although the testing of technology is carried out by a number of banks, PKO BR was the first who to decide to implement it in a full-featured regime.