English Heritage, The U.K. charity organization, is cooperating with a Giftcoin platform, the world’s first cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes. Such collaboration helps to track payments of sponsor transactions from the moment they have been gifted to when the funds are actually been spent.

The British charity has been working with the platform for a long time. So, during 2015 and 2016 it managed to attract about $ 3.5 million donations.

According to English Heritage they “plan to explore advanced methods of interaction with the widest possible audience, where the key task is to build trust and transparent relations with sponsors. […] The Giftcoin is one of the tools for solving this problem.”

This technology will be used to attract sponsors in the “digital age, where trust and charity seem to be at a low level,” Giftcoin said.

The sale of company’s tokens is still ongoing. At the moment they are managed to raise $ 1.27 million.