The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) announced that it has blacklisted 15 cryptocurrency and crypto-asset investment websites.

France’s stock market regulator warns the public against players proposing to invest in crypto-assets without having the necessary authorizations.

It already has its blacklist of actors offering investment in various goods without respecting the regulations. “Liste Noire” already includes diamonds, rare earth, wine, crypto-active.

“Companies in France offering the purchase of rights over goods promoting the possibility of a yield or its economic equivalent are subject to the regulation of diverse goods and as such their offer must have a registration number provided by the AMF,” AMFstatement explained.

The AMF warning  French savers and notes that it can not constitute a completely exhaustive list of players who do not comply with the regulations.

Websites of fifteen companies who have been alerted by the AMF continue to operate. The majority of those on the list claim to be located in the United Kingdom.

Generally, the AMF invites savers to apply rules of vigilance before investing in. “Ask yourself the question of how the valuation of the proposed product is carried out, find out exactly how the product is resold and the associated deadlines, particularly in the case where the product invests on a class of illiquid assets. […] Get a minimal base of information on the companies or intermediaries who offer you the product. Invest only in what you understand”.